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Chairpersons’S MESSAGE

Indian Academy of Pediatrics Medical Education Chapter

I am deeply humbled by this rare honour that has been bestowed upon me to serve as Founding Chairperson of IAP Medical Education Chapter (IAP-MEC). Having been a medical educator since the beginning my career almost three decades ago, I am proud to accept this privilege and I consider this to be crowning glory of association with IAP.

IAP-MEC is a fledgling organization and it has its roots in the erstwhile HOD Cell. With medical education taking centre stage in recent years, a need was felt to enlarge the scope of HOD Cell and set up a full-fledged specialized chapter dedicated to the entirety of academics.

With the liberal education followed by the government since 1991, medical education sector has undergone exponential growth during the last two decades. Today the country has 542 medical colleges and 64 stand alone PG Institutes whose qualifications are recognised by MCI. There are numerous institutions offering DNB and other courses too. Large numbers of people study or teach at these institutions. The challenges faced in pediatric medical education need to be addressed effectively to improve the standards and elevate it to world class. IAP-MEC will strive towards this goal with earnest effort and the involvement of all.

I have always believed that focus of IAP should primarily be on academics. Academic advancement and scientific accomplishments are the bedrock of evidence based medicine. With nearly 10,000 IAP members being directly or indirectly associated with academics, IAP-MEC has the potential to be the largest chapter of the Academy. I seek your maximum cooperation and support for the growth and sustenance of this new body. I also urge all IAP members who are connected with medical education to join IAP MEC and make it a part of your professional development goals.

IAP-MEC Aims and Objective

To develop plans for integration

To develop plans for integration of Pediatric knowledge with basic sciences and other clinical disciplines.

To encourage & promote

To encourage & promote educational research activities, innovations & publications in the field of Pediatrics.

To develop systems of assessment

To develop systems of assessment for Pediatric UG / PG / Fellowship courses in line with competency based education.

To aid in Policy Development

To aid in Policy Development regarding medical education to Universities, Institutions, Governmental and non-Governmental Organization.